My first Kapiti. Verdict : meh

I had my first Kapiti at 35 and I didn’t love it.

I was out strolling for some sweets for dinner. My usual go-to spot for sweets was busy with take-away only dinner rush. I was particularly not really excited to be at the tail end of the snake-y queue.

I waltzed into the nearest 24 hours mart instead and found a Kapiti. I was considering the more usual (re: cheaper) ice creams for 1 serving. (I’ve never developed a habit of buying full tub ice cream. Not even on someone else’s dime 😅. )

So I paid for this ice cream and drove home, 5mins away to properly savour it.

I was so ready for the Eureka moment, the why-didn’t-I-have-this-sooner revelation.

Only it never came.

From the first spoonful to the last (yes I finished it), left me barely satiated.

I like the Kapiti. But I didn’t love it. I just couldn’t.

Will I repeat a purchase of this Kapiti ? Unlikely.

Will I consider another flavour? Maybe.

I wonder why this brand is so famous.

Will I be equally disappointed with a Tillamook?



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